Episode Guide

This episode opens with official weigh-in for LFC 23: Guilty Pleasures. Both teams are contentious and willing to take it to the next level. There is pushing, shoving, and a heated dislike of each other. Cali Cat [4-0], who is usually laid back, is combative with her opponent, Julie 'Squeeze' Ginther [4-3]. The more experienced, Jolene 'The Valkyrie' Hexx [18-5-1] wastes no time in letting Danielle 'Cow Belle' St. Pierre [2-2] know who is the big dog. Mona Jones [1-0] and Raya 'Sugar Ray' Ryans [7-3] can easily be mistaken for lifelong enemies with drama going back to their middle school days. Serina 'Honey Punch' Kyle [2-2] does her best to keep it real, but that is a challenge with an opponent like Maxine 'The Boss' Frost [1-2]. The fireworks between the fighters in the title match are off the charts. Who do you think won the trash talk battle, Monica 'Flowerbomb' Garcia [14-3] or Shay 'The Fox' Mazzato [15-6]? Garcia, at one point, challenges the entire Pink Team.

After Leon Hater calls out Joel Kane and criticizes his training ability, and Mona charges at Raya with a chair, a well needed calm arrives at the post weigh-in party. The dancing and positive vibe is infectious. The teams follow that with a meal, where the talk is all about strategy and fighters with knowledge of common opponents sharing their insights.