Episode Guide

The march towards LFC 22: Costume Brawl, at 4 Bears Casino & Lodge in New Town, ND, begins in this episode. Maxine 'The Boss' Frost [1-2] and Joel Kane are each traveling by car and with a companion, while they make their way to the event site. Maxine spends her time venting to Danielle 'Cow Belle' St. Pierre [2-2] about her dislike of Joel. In the other car, Piper 'Code Red' Rose [1-1], who is a nurse, has to act fast when Joel triggers a serious allergic reaction after eating peanuts.

As usual, issues arise from the start. Andreea 'The Storm' Vladoi [12-4-1] is adamant that she is not going to wear the costume she is given by her coach, Leon Hater. Maxine confronts Shelly 'Aphrodite' DaSilva [9-7], yet again, to make sure she shows up sober to the official weigh-in. ‘The Boss’ also pays a visit to Natasha 'Rattlesnake' Rodriguez [1-2] to discuss past and future wardrobe malfunctions. Of course, Natasha takes offense and offers no guarantee of what her outfit might do – or not do – on fight night.

On the lighter side, Joel once again provokes a fighter and takes another unwanted dip in the deep end of a pool.