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Rated: PG-14
Duration: 23:49
Starring: Allie 'Babydoll' Parks, Cali Cat, Danielle 'Cow Belle' St. Pierre, Feather 'The Hammer' Hadden, Holly 'The Lotus' Mei, Jesse Santos, Joel Kane, Lauren 'The Animal' Fogle, Leon Hater, MaiNe 'Main Event' Morgan, Maxine 'The Boss' Frost, Natasha 'Rattlesnake' Rodriguez, Serina 'Honey Punch' Kyle, Sheila 'Crash' Cardinal and A.J. Kirsch

Episode Guide

Natasha 'Rattlesnake' Rodriguez [1-2], the first ever draft pick, finds herself in the midst of wardrobe malfunctions and frustration from fighting a larger opponent in Jessie 'El Toro' Santos [12-4]. Rodriguez shows us that her inclusion into the league makes sense. Battling a more experienced fighter is usually a one-sided deal, but Natasha shows determination and lasts the three rounds in a close loss. One judge even favored the ‘Rattlesnake’.

The recap of LFC 21: Naughty 'n Nice continues with an intriguing match-up. Serina 'Honey Punch' Kyle [2-2] takes on the second draft pick ever, Danielle 'Cow Belle' St. Pierre [2-2]. Serina, who gets accused of being soft in the cage, is ready to prove her doubters wrong; however, St. Pierre is more polished than the average first timer. Kyle works hard, overcoming past mistakes, and sets up a terrific armbar to end the match.