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Kris 'The Raven' Blackwell

Height: 5'7"/170 cm
Weight: 130 lbs/59 kg
Birthplace: Edmonton, AB Canada
Tell Kris Blackwell she can’t do something and you’re likely to get a steely stare before she knocks you on your ass on her way to doing it. That was the case in High School when she was told she couldn’t try out for the football team. Over the objections of nearly everyone, she not only tried out but made the team. She ended up playing both sides of the ball (corner-back on defense and offensive line) and even kicked for the team.

"Her right hook can drop a donkey," one of her LFC coaches said. The coach also spoke positively about her great attitude with regards to fighting. Although she is known for her striking ability, Kris works hard to have the ground game that is integral to a cage fighter. She is very resilient and absorbs an opponent's power with ease, until she decides on how she wants to counter. At any point in the match, when she shifts into offense, her ability to finish is close to unstoppable.

Kris 'The Raven' Blackwell MMA Record

WinChloe 'Ladykillah' Cameron
LFC 20: A Midsummer Night's Dream
Aug 8, 2015
Stream Online
Rear Naked2

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