Julie “Squeeze” Ginther

Julie “Squeeze” Ginther


Julie is a fitness model from California who has been a very popular wrestler for a number of years. Julie also plays Lingerie Football and Lingerie Basketball. This makes her the world’s first three sport lingerie athlete! She describes herself as a “scissors specialist” and credits this skill with allowing her to transition seamlessly between wrestling and MMA. She has developed many other holds to force submissions including strangles and her feared triangle choke. The common theme; this is a fighter who wins by squeezing the air out of her opponent (thus the nickname). Julie is ferociously competitive, hates to lose and doesn’t plan to let any little girl in lingerie beat her!

Record: 4-2
Nickname: Squeeze
Height: 5’7″
Weight: 143lbs
Fighting Style: Wrestler
Hometown: Sacramento, CA