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Jody 'Conquering Angel' Connacher

Height: 5'6"/168 cm
Weight: 109 lbs/49 kg
Birthplace: Spokane, WA USA
Jody is a former ring-girl who shocked the world at LFC 18, when she defeated Feather ‘The Hammer’ Hadden in a non-title bout. Everyone disrespected her before, during, and even after the fight, but she did the unthinkable. She not only extended 'The Hammer' beyond the first round, she defeated a proud champion and forever sullied what was an unblemished record to that point.

The 'Conquering Angel' showed the instincts of a veteran by not only having the right strategy but sticking to it throughout the entire fight. Jody needed to prove that she is more than a card-girl and pumped fist after fist into the face of the champion. She grew comfortable enough to even use a few kicks and had 'The Hammer' in a dangerous choke-hold. No one will ever doubt Jody again.

Jody 'Conquering Angel' Connacher MMA Record

WinFeather 'The Hammer' Hadden
LFC 18: Lace vs. Leather
Apr 19, 2014
Stream Online
Split Decision
LossSamiha 'The Goddess' Glam
LFC 17: Las Vegas
LossTara 'Guillotine' Gaddy
LFC 16: Las Vegas
LossSue Cordell
LFC 15: Las Vegas

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