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      • Heyyyyy y’all, Celeste A.K.A Quila-Te here from Dallas, Texas. I’m a fiery Latina. Switch the hyphenated words & it spells tequila, cause I get crazy like people on that liquior usually do & it sounds like “Killa” cause I kill these fighters dreams of winning cause IM winning! & my first name first letter is T & it’s my favorite & only liquor of choice. Anyway, if y’all want to see a bad ass whoopin vote me in! Fighting is so much fun for me! Although I haven’t had any real training I am and have always been a fighter. If someone asks for it, they get to see Quila-Te! I’m sneaky, smart, quick & have heart, why I’ve yet to get my ass whooped! Like this website says, as long as you have heart you can get in the cage & I definetly have a fighter’s heart!!! So vote me in!!


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Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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