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    I am such a huge fan of these amazing beautiful women fighting, that I’ve decided I am going to write recaps of all the available events, in the VIP Section. This will be my first write-up.


    Bout One: Tara Gaddy vs Michelle Blanchard

    Complete and utter domination from the taller tougher opponent, Michelle Blanchard. Tara Gaddy is far prettier, bustier, sexier, and with more experience. However, Michelle worked her with ease. It’s kind of tough to see the damage done to the gorgeous one…a guillotine choke in the second round defeated Tara Gaddy.


    Bout Two: Suzanne Nakata vs Helen Mei


    The much smaller and tighter Suzanne Nakata impressed with her determination and resolve over the far taller and bustier Helen Mei. Twice escaping Booby Traps, the cuter quicker Suzanne shocks the MMA world with a unanimous decision victory.


    Bout Three: Samiha Glam vs Jenevieve Serpentine (Hexxx)

    The far sexier and bustier Jenevieve Hexxx dominated throughout in an extremely bizarre style. As she had predicted earlier, Jenevieve lands a devastating knockout punch over the adorable yet doomed Samiha Glam. At least Samiha got to the second round.


    Bout Four: Sara Dee vs Maine Morgan


    A quicker smaller prettier Maine Morgan overwhelms the underwhelming passive Sara Dee. Rear naked choke finish in the first round. Mighty impressive performance by Maine Morgan!


    Bout Five: Jody Conacher vs Feather Hadden

    An extremely unlikely contest, with undefeated champion, Feather Hadden, against former ring girl turned fighter, Jody Conacher (0-3 record). Feather had already beaten all the other fighters, so then President Roni Taylor decided Jody would be next against Feather. A very spirited yet calculated fight from Jody. Unfortunately, not a title fight, as this one went to the judges giving Jody a controversial split decision victory over Feather. Controversy ensues, and Roni Taylor loses her shirt to an outraged Michelle Blanchard. You’ll have to check out the event to see what happened next…


    Hottest Fight: Suzanne Nakata vs Helen Mei

    Best Fight: Suzanne Nakata vs Helen Mei

    Hottest Fighters: Tara Gaddy, Suzanne Nakata, Helen Mei, Jenevieve Hexxx, Jody Conacher

    Worst Performance: Sara Dee

    Best Performance: Maine Morgan



















    Chris PickleDick
    Post count: 68

    <p style=”text-align: center;”>LFC 18</p>

    Top Left: Jody Conacher

    Top Right: Sara Dee

    Bottom: Helen Mei on top of Suzanne Nakata :)



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