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Just focusing on myself and not caring what others think of me has really changed my entire life ✨ I was always a people pleaser. I’ve been in the public eye since I was 13, home schooled all through high school, and went pro as soon as I turned 19. I struggled so much with figuring out my true identity and always in fear of disappointing people. It wasn’t until just this past year that I fully embraced owning who the fuck I am ? And let me just say… I am THRIVING. So my advice… my tips on my weight loss journey… my tips on leaving my toxic relationship… tips on making income doing what you love… just truly living your best life…
DO WHAT MAKES YOU HAPPY!! And ✂️ anything out that’s getting in the way of that! Everything is replaceable. You can change your entire life RIGHT NOW. They’re all just choices. Choose wisely. Never settle. Make this life of yours fucking magical!