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In Tantra, the feminine aspect of reality represents divine wisdom (in Sanskrit vidya).

The true worship of the Goddess involves knowledge.

It is not just an outer worship, but an inner worship.
A meditation.
A passion to embrace.

She is everywhere in form and formless nature.

The Goddess represents what is hidden, secret, subtle and sensitive, what has to be sought out and discovered.
Yearned for.
She is the inner guiding power.

She represents what is yet to be known, what we are drawn to by an inner fascination to discover and unfold in our souls

She is the mystery and allure of the higher knowledge which causes us to lose interest in what the mundane mind can know, to lose interest in the familiar realm of the simple senses.

The Goddess takes us beyond the realm of the known and the domain of time-space into the secrets of eternity-infinity!

The Goddess becomes the muse who guides and inspires us.
She is the high priestess who unfolds the inner truths.
She is sensual decadent delight!

Knowledge of her reveals her powers, which are awe inspiring and transformative. Understanding of her reveals her bliss, which is the joy of going beyond all the limitations of the body-mind to great bliss!

Spiritual knowledge is her womb which we are born through.

Feel her rhythms move through you…her beat , your beat.

Connection to Divine Mother and communing with her loving powers unfolds the deepest degrees and stages of our own wildly fulfilling inner transformation.

(Samvit) bliss consciousness.

She functions on all levels of the universe, both form and formless, concrete and abstract, human and non-human, terrible and beautiful. We meet them with fierce trust.

She represents the deeper truths of life hidden behind our attachment to the outer forms

Her messages are sometimes inspiring and sometimes frightening because they represent our life itself, but they are always intriguing to those of us looking for something beyond the ordinary realm.

We find it through Vedic practices and the path of tantra.
May you feel her juicy deep embrace everywhere. ??
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