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Hello ,

When everything will be by plan , I will be in the USA from November 2021 till September 2022 , so I hope that period I will can do some LFC matches then.

Ofcourse I will train hard here now in the Netherlands with some fighting female friends of my in Lingerie most like me with a Martial Arts background different background ofcourse because the fighters on LFC have also different backgrounds like Judo-BJJ-Kickboxing-MMA-Wrestling.

The female friend I train the most with is Viktoria 27yr , she is a alround fighter , because she have experience in : BJJ (Brazilian Jiujitsu) , Sambo and MuayThai.

So I hope to arrive in the USA well prepared in November so that I can do some good Lingerie fights for LFC with the strong fighters.

Saturday The 22th of May 2021 , I will a Lingerie Fight again in a Club in Berlin Germany with Gisela , a 30yr old girl from Berlin Germany (photo) , fight her 2 years ago also in Amsterdam at a Lingerie fight during the Gaypride 2019 , so it will be a revange match , in 2019 Amsterdam I did win.

Gisela 30yr Berlin Germany revange Lingerie fight 22th of May this time in BerlinGisela 30yr from Berlin.