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Chris PickleDick
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Bout Six: Lauren Fogle vs Robyn Hawkens


Both ladies making their MMA/LFC Debuts. Both fighters light years apart in abilities. First entering the ring, the stunning slim sexy Robyn “Ruthless” Hawkens. Red haired, fit, tight, fashionable, beautiful, and hot as can be, Robyn Hawkens is quite the visual. The music sounds for Lauren “The Animal” Fogle. Gorgeous, fit, muscular, busty, blonde, and intimidating. As Lauren Fogle marches confidently to the ring, the stunning Robyn Hawkens engages in some verbal warfare with some unruly hecklers. Nonsense aside, the match shortly begins. Robyn attacks with a flurry of strikes, weaker than a feather, but Lauren retreats, recovers, and shoves Ms. Hawkens to the ground. Robyn gets up and charges, with Lauren throwing her down and puts on a smooth as silk armbar. Quickest tap of all time, fantastic cameltoe, and Robyn’s first and only fight. Lauren would continue to impress audiences to this day and beyond.


Lauren “The Animal” Fogle with an epic ring entrance