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?Tantric mysticism?
Traditional Tantric texts relate to 5 topics which are Not all about s*x and orgasms (in this post anyway ??)
1. The Creation of the universe
2. The Destruction of the universe
3. Worship of the Divine in various forms
4. Attainment of the goals of life and spiritual powers
5. The Ways of meditation to realize the ultimate truth

Tantra emphasizes blissful kundalini stimulating techniques including ritual, mantra and mystical visualization.
It has a magnificent universal approach that uses all types of methods and rejects nothing to attain liberation of the divine within. ???

Some of the teachings delve deeply into metaphysics and the occult
Those are wondrous magical practices!
Tantra gives a special place to the Goddess in all forms and her worship.
Shall we begin? ????‍♀️
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