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Being an all female league, we empower women by accentuating sex appeal, comparable to how men accentuate masculinity, and there’s nothing wrong with that. We are what your women (or you) should aspire to be, the highest ideal of the human form.

Yes, men do have their masculinity accentuated in fighting sports, but that’s because those characteristics are beneficial to a fighter. Having large muscles is a huge benefit, high testosterone is also a benefit. But how does dressing in lingerie or looking hot help a female fighter? It doesn’t. If anything, conforming to the standards of beauty for women by being slim puts you at a disadvantage.

Let’s face it, we all know the real reason the LFC exists, for guys to look at hot women fighting each other. And when you’re dressing in lingerie for the sake of appealing to men… well, that isn’t really empowering women, is it? Here’s the thing though, the LFC existing isn’t a problem. If you want to watch it, that’s fine. If women want to participate in it, that’s also fine. Hell, with how shit WWE is nowadays, half my enjoyment comes from perving on Alexa Bliss. What isn’t OK is trying to make out that the LFC is somehow empowering to women because they put the sex appeal first and actual fighting ability second.