Sheila is the first LFC fighter born outside of North America. The Syrian wrestler has a great ground game, but says she needs to work on her striking. Her creative differences with former LFC Prez, Roni Taylor, kept Sheila from building momentum and caused her to have mixed results in the LFC. Sheila is strong, athletic, and delivers heavy punches with a keen instinct for escaping/transitioning from holds. Her nickname came from her mother's exasperation with her destructive nature as a teenager. As a tomboy, Sheila had a tendency to 'crash, burn, and destroy' anything in her path. In the cage, where she does her best to live up to her moniker, is exactly the place to act on the instinct to break bones and an opponent's will. This member of the Pink Team is a serious fighter who never falls short of giving her best.

Status Active
Rank #16
Team Pink
Hometown Damascus, Syria
Birthday August 17

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