Lauren is a devoted cosplayer who grew up with two older brothers that wrestled in high school, feeding off the competitive vibe they brought home. Honoring her mother's wishes, Lauren studied ballet from an early age through high school. It did not take her long to make rivals and enemies out of her fellow dancers. She joined the Marine Corps and later developed a taste for aggression and discipline, understanding that both can work in concert. A dedicated world traveler, Lauren found her true-self on one of her adventures and finally started to get in touch with her fighting spirit. Her path led back to the Bay Area and to wrestling schools that honed her fighting instincts. Lauren is not big on fake smiles and says, "I am an island, but I am a friendly island." Like a Marine, she is here to fight, and take prisoners along the way.

Status Active
Team Blue
Hometown Oakland, CA
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LFC Bouts

Result Opponent Event Date Method Round Time Video
LFC35: Booty Camp 3D
Sun, Oct 31, 2021 PPV

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October 22, 2021|News|

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Veronica Payne VS Lauren Ceccarelli
Sun, Oct 31 🎃 7pm PT • 10pm ET
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