Kortney ‘KO’ Olson is online personality, entrepreneur, bodybuilder and arm wrestling champion from California, USA. She rose to fame after posting several videos of herself crushing watermelons between her thighs in the late 00’s. Growing up, Kortney suffered from an addiction to methamphetamines and alcohol which started in her late teens. She used bodybuilding and fitness as a way to kick this habit to the curb – entering bodybuilding competitions and eventually moving to Australia to pursue a strength-based career. In Australia, she became the national arm wrestling champion and began to start a career in fitness coaching. She also posted the career-making video of her first watermelon crush. This video went viral, and Kortney was invited to perform the act on a popular TV show. Following her success, Kortney attracted a large social media following. She decided to create a wellness camp for women, as well as a (now successful) clothing line that caters to muscular females who can’t buy traditional sizes.

Hometown Las Vegas, NV
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Result Opponent Event Date Method Round Time Play
Women on Fire Mega Wrestling Event
Fri, Jun 10, 2022


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