Jenevieve is a practitioner of the dark MMA arts and is a professional psychic who appeared on the Venice Beach Freak-show TV series. She makes her entrance into the cage with a seven-foot boa constrictor wrapped around her neck. The coaching staff find her bewitching persona strange and are unsure on how to best train her. Opponents are as vexed by her behavior as is anyone watching her odd movements and zoned-out style. She definitely spends time on the astral plane, where she is likely the only one of her kind. The 'Sorceress' uses eccentricity as a tool to confuse, a technique which she has mastered. She uses the unpredictable layers of her game to lull an adversary into thinking she is not ready. Jenevieve is more than capable of getting the victory after her has rendered a foe mesmerized by her psychic abilities.

Status Active
Rank #24
Team Pink
Hometown Sedona, AZ USA
Links Instagram

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