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Rated: R
Duration: 23:14
Starring: fixgallery [0-0]

In this episode, fans get their first look at Danika Della Rouge [0-0], as she takes on Shay Mazzato [0-0] for the vacant LFC title. Danika brings an aggressive, nonstop style of fighting that wears people out. Equally, full of energy and aggression, is Mazzato, the former champion. The first round sets the tone — both women seemingly meld into one fighter. They are inseparable, forcing the viewers and the judges to follow along closely.

Round 2 is a wild back-and-forth effort that takes the action onto the judges table, testing the load-limit of the table. Teri London [0-0], the referee, is tested herself, having to keep up with the frenetic pace set by the fighters. This round finally brings out the newfound dislike between these two. With so much on the line, there is definitely an all-or-nothing vibe taking shape.

The third round is fittingly controversial to end the card. Did London miss the call when Danika screams during an obvious submission hold? Listen in on the insightful commentary from the coaches and the fighters. In the end, closing out the first-ever Sturgis show, Danika’s name is called and her arm is raised. Did this new champion win it cleanly, or was ‘The Fox’ wronged by the decision? Tune in to season 9 finale to find out.