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Rated: R
Duration: 22:12
Starring: Bella Ink, Danika Della Rouge, Jenny Valentine, Johnny Tumbleweed, Jolene Hexx, Lauren Fogle, Leon Hater, Monica Garcia, Nilka Garcia, Shay Mazzato, Teri London, Terry Magnum, Tomiko Tajima and Holly Mei

This episode begins with the no-nonsense Nilka 'La Rosa' Garcia (13-5) giving everyone the middle finger as she enters the ring. Her opponent, Monica 'Flowerbomb' Garcia (16-5), is not taking the newcomer lightly and is prepared to do whatever is necessary to get the win. The Prez, Holly 'The Lotus' Mei (18-5), compares the vibe that Nilka gives off to that of the former LFC champion, Andreea 'The Storm' Vladoi (13-4-1). Will such praise bode well for Nilka?

Round one shows the energy that Nilka brings to the LFC, but she is met with the size advantage that Monica usually enjoys. Nilka tries to carve out a plan of attack but is unable to sustain much. Monica, aggressive and unrelenting, holds her ground. Round one was very tight.

Round 2 brings out the wildness that sometimes creeps into an LFC fight. Both women launch illegal punches to the face, tempting officials to deduct points. However, the fight is allowed to continue without any consequences. Monica continues to use her weight advantage to frustrate and tired Nilka. Monica is starting to taking control of the match.

Before the final round begins, Monica is offered a drink of whiskey, and she enthusiastically takes a gulp. The action once again gets dangerous with punches to the face. Nilka – who has never submitted – fights bravely and is seriously tested in the final minute of the fight. Does she succumb to an armbar? Tune in next time for all the details, including the harsh criticism Monica receives from her fellow fighters for alleged dirty tactics.