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Rated: R
Duration: 20:58
Starring: fixgallery [0-0]

What would the LFC be without drama? I am not certain, but it would surely seem fake and contrived. The drama begins when Leon Hater is informed by Holly Mei [0-0] that Jenn Repp [0-0] – who is scheduled to fight Teri London [0-0] – is unable to make the trip from Canada because of Covid-19 restrictions. The referee for the card, who was flying with Jenn, is also unable to make it. Not wasting a moment fretting about the situation, Holly makes the quick decision to use Teri as the referee for all six fights. Leon, of course, is not happy about a fighter he does not coach being the referee.

An unassuming owner of a dune buggy allows a quartet of girls to pose on his machine. Let’s just say that Lauren Fogle [0-0], Teri London [0-0], Shay Mazzato [0-0], and Monica Garcia [0-0] come very close to submitting the dune buggy, while they pose erotically on top of it. The women are all rooming together near the venue, wanting to experience the vibe of Sturgis. Yes! Mazzato and Garcia set aside their antipathy for each other and try to get along.

Suddenly, the screen starts to fill up with all the ladies who are scheduled to fight. Watch as they take ownership of the area, showing those around what the LFC is all about. This display of playfulness includes a ride on the back of a motorcycle that is outfitted with a small stage and a strippers pole. Who is brave enough to take a treacherous ride through Sturgis? Tune in to find out.