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Rated: R
Duration: 21:06
Starring: Bella Ink, Danika Della Rouge, Jenny Valentine, Jolene Hexx, Lauren Fogle, Leon Hater, Monica Garcia, Nilka Garcia, Suzy Quinn, Teri London, Tomiko Tajima and Holly Mei

Every new season of ‘Exposed’ is a reset to the LFC conversation, bringing the excitement of a recent event – LFC30: Born To Be Wild – while positioning itself for the future. The journey to Sturgis begins with an airplane ride for most of the fighters, who are reacquainted with each other during a layover.

Considering that the restraints of the pandemic are in effect, the women are surprisingly at ease with one another, and the usual drama does not materialize. Concerns over Bella Ink (5-4), who just three weeks prior, gave birth by a c-section, is voiced by Holly 'The Lotus' Mei (18-5) and Leon Hater. With the safety of Ink assured, the fight-card is set.

We now get a glimpse of three roommate pairings. Two newcomers, Nilka 'La Rosa' Garcia (13-5) and Danika 'Dani' Della Rouge (15-5) find that they have more in common than just their Puerto Rican ancestry. Another pairing are Jolene 'The Valkyrie' Hexx (24-7-1) and her good friend Tomiko 'The Temptress' Tajima (1-4). Jolene, showing Tomiko what friendship means to her, allows “The Temptress’ to wear her European championship belt. Later on, Jolene gives Tomiko a valuable lesson in Krav Maga, finishing the session with an indiscreet kick to Tomiko’s privates. Another set of friends, Jenny 'Bloody' Valentine (6-4) and Suzy 'Stiletto' Quinn (0-1), find themselves sharing a space. Suzy, who rode to Sturgis on her motorcycle, is curious about wardrobe malfunctions. Jenny offers the LFC rookie advice and a pair of pasties.