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Rated: R
Duration: 22:41
Starring: fixgallery [0-0]

The first episode of the eighth season opens with Monica Garcia [0-0] driving up in her green Dodge Challenger for the new calendar shoot. Monica is once again the January model, but this time the pictures are a little edgier. There are no bottles of champagne here. The theme here is from the ‘Fast & The Furious’ film franchise. Watch as Monica, a fan of the movies, audaciously takes on some Detroit Muscle to see who is curvier and more appealing.

February beckons, and Jenny Valentine [0-0] is there to represent the month with her namesake holiday. The ghost town of Nelson, Nevada, is the backdrop here for the shoot. Jenny first poses as a pin-up model next to an abandoned airplane. She then reprises the role of the character in the ‘My Bloody Valentine’ slasher film. Jenny really enjoys her time in front of the camera, giving the photographer all he can ask for.