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Rated: R
Duration: 20:59
Starring: fixgallery [0-0]

This Episode opens with round two of the battle for the vacant belt between Shay Mazzato [0-0] and Monica Garcia [0-0]. With emotions already running high, it is obvious that things are going to get volatile at the cost of fair play. After Shay elbows Monica to the face, and after Monica kicks Shay through the ropes, security is called to the ring to separate the two competitors. Following a one-point deduction for each fighter, a restart to the round gets the action rolling again. The chaos of the round, and the intense action of it, leaves Monica surprisingly gassed and Mazzato in need of a prolonged respite herself. Both fighters plow through the third, giving and taking equally. The end of the round is so exciting, it leaves the viewer wanting the fight to continue. However, in a unanimous decision, a new champion is added to the history of the LFC: ‘The Fox’ stands proud and deserving of her moment. Congratulations!