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Rated: PG-14
Duration: 21:04
Starring: Agatha Carter, Holly Mei, Jessie Santos, Jolene Hexx, Lauren Fogle, Leon Hater, Monica Garcia, Shay Mazzato and A.J. Kirsch

This episode opens with a stellar match-up between the high-energy Lauren 'The Animal' Fogle (11-4) and the well-trained Jessie 'El Toro' Santos (12-4). Jessie, still bothered by her altercation with Leon Hater at LFC26: Booty Camp, enters the arena with a bodyguard to keep her safe. Yes, from her coach! However, peace was made and now… on to the business of fighting. Lauren, needing to prove herself against top-notch competition, comes out determined to get the win. Jessie, whose repertoire is ever improving, does not make it easy on ‘The Animal’. In the closing seconds of the round one, Lauren’s rear-naked choke causes some consternation for the black team. Was Jessie really that close to being out? Round two opens with Lauren full of confidence; unfortunately, this provided the opening that ‘El Toro’ was waiting for. Once locked in, Jessie’s triangle choke trapped ‘The Animal’ and finished her off. Closing out the night is a fight for the vacant LFC title between Shay 'The Fox' Mazzato (18-10) and Monica 'Flowerbomb' Garcia (16-5). There is some genuine enmity here: Monica brutally beat Shay for the vacant title at LFC23: Guilty Pleasures. Shay appears stronger than in their first meeting, but Monica, dressed as a dominatrix, asserts her power game and dominates the first round. With both fighters charging out from their respective corners for round 2, the credits begin to roll. This one will be continued on our next episode.