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Rated: PG-14
Duration: 24:24
Starring: fixgallery [0-0]

A.J. Kirsch impresses with his ability to speak Spanish, conducting a funny Q&A with Maxine Frost [0-0]. The Prez, who is fighting later on the card, is not amused by the cage announcer’s behavior. She needs to win her match against Serina Kyle [0-0] because it will result in Joel Kane’s termination.

The first fight features Cali Cat [0-0] taking on Julie Ginther [0-0] in a battle of Californians. Cali is formidable and has a nervous energy before the fight, but Ginther comes out strong and pushes her around in the first round; a sight we had not seen before. The power of Ginther’s leg strength frustrates Cali, taking her by surprise. Between rounds, Cali is seriously trying to figure out what to do to turn things in her favor. Seeking to build on her first round success, Julie charges out to open the round and foolishly gives Cali the opening she needs. The ensuing arm bar is one of the most vicious we have seen in the LFC. How long will Julie struggle against the inevitable?

Our second match is between Jolene Hexx [0-0] and Danielle St. Pierre [0-0]. The contrast in their levels of experience is readily apparent and leaves little doubt about the outcome, but a confident Danielle leads the offense, taking Jolene down with a kick to the ribs. A close first round motivates Jolene to reset between rounds. The ease of the finishing hold, a rear naked choke, brings us to the inevitable outcome.