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Rated: R
Duration: 24:39
Starring: Cali Cat, Danielle St. Pierre, Feather Hadden, Holly Mei, Joel Kane, Jolene Hexx, Lauren Fogle, Leon Hater, Maxine Frost, Piper Rose, Teri London and Andreea Vladoi
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Wearing a Mrs. Claus outfit, Teri 'Feisty Fists' London (4-4), comes out with a bag of gifts that she distributes to the crowd, while she dazzles us with yet another skillful entrance of dance moves and acrobatics. She faces off against Lauren 'The Animal' Fogle (10-4) in a rematch. Lauren unveils her ‘Super Lauren’ costume for us; however, she finds herself motivated to not only win but to get the fight over quickly, as she has taken a liking to the referee and later claims him after her rear naked choke victory.

The co-main event of LFC22: Costume Brawl is between a dark angel, Jolene 'The Valkyrie' Hexx (24-7-1) and a French maid, Andreea 'The Storm' Vladoi (13-4-1); their first battle ended in a draw. These two share a mixture of love and hate for each other. Jolene, unable to help herself, pushes the boundaries of fair play when she simulates a sex act on Andreea’s face. Keep in mind that this episode has an uncensored rating. Watch to see what else makes it on screen.