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Rated: PG-14
Duration: 23:54
Starring: Audrey Monique, Danielle St. Pierre, Holly Mei, Joel Kane, Jolene Hexx, Julie Ginther, Karly Zucker, Leon Hater, Maxine Frost, Natasha Rodriguez, Piper Rose, Shelly DaSilva, Stacey Lentz, Teri London and Andreea Vladoi

The opening fight of LFC22: Costume Brawl, is a turf battle between Karly 'Zuke' Zucker (0-1) and Stacey 'Full Contact' Lentz (1-0); both women hail from North Dakota and each knows what is at stake: bragging rights and a potential shot at the LFC belt. The parade of costumes begins with a harem girl (Zucker) and a gladiator (Lentz). The gladiator outweighs her opponent by 50 pounds and wastes little time in dominating her. The ending is controversial, but a must see for fight fans.

After a brief and contentious Q&A between cage announcer A.J. Kirsch and Maxine 'The Boss' Frost (1-2), it is on to a naughty school teacher Natasha 'Rattlesnake' Rodriguez (1-2) vs. a jester Julie 'Squeeze' Ginther (4-3) in a battle of crosstown, Sacramento, CA rivals. Ginther uses her powerful legs to squeeze the life out of Natasha in this three round contest.

Audrey 'The Mongoose' Monique (-), dressed as a police officer, steps into the cage against an alien, Shelly 'Aphrodite' DaSilva (9-7). Shelly quickly changed the playful theme of the night into something frightening, when, after fighting well to start the fight, she bites Audrey in the eye which leads a two fight suspension.