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Rated: R
Duration: 21:53
Starring: fixgallery [0-0]

A new season kicks off with Tomiko Tajima [0-0] posing atop a Harley-Davidson Motorcycle in Part 1 of Episode 1. The fan-favorite and all around great-fighter is once again part of the Calendar. In this shoot, she is clad in black leather and looks fitter than ever. Watch as she shows off her well-developed muscles, especially her biceps and glutes, seducing both the camera and the motorcycle.

Helping Tomiko draw out ‘The Temptress’ even more is her good friend, Jolene Hexx [0-0]. See as Jolene, wearing a bustier and thong bottom, makes suggestions and playfully coaxes Tomiko to get more daring for the camera. With a crowd of people watching, the motorcycle takes a backseat to the beauty of the LFC.

Teaming up to give LFC fans a double dose of beauty for the month of February are Bella Ink [0-0] and Audrey Monique [0-0]. These two strong personalities from different teams play nice for the sake of the calendar, putting rivalries aside for another time — like when they go through the ropes in a match at LFC31: Booty Camp 2. As well-behaved as Audrey is, she does take some verbal swipes at the photographer, the assistants, and even Bella. She just has to speak her mind no matter what.

The other star of the episode is a highly customized 1936 Dodge with a sexy, purple paint job. Audrey does approve of the vintage automobile and matches her lingerie to the color of the car. She also marvels at how well Bella looks so soon after giving birth. Bella comments that she does not know why her body recovered so well, admitting that leading up to the shoot she did not hit the gym that often. The two models worked well together, showing why they belong in the calendar.