October 2019

LFC World Rankings: November 2020

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The latest rankings are out, and it is almost certain that controversy will follow. A sensible debate is something that the LFC have always encouraged. Fans of the brand are very loyal and protective of their favorite fighters and will vigorously defend them at all cost. The top-spot will surprise some because the fighter has [...]

August 2019

LFC’s Top 10 Rankings: August 2019

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Storming the Top Ten! There are some changes to this edition of the top ten LFC fighters; two of the best in the league have dropped out because of inactivity and personal reasons. That in no way means they will not find a spot in the future. Respectfully, we move forward with the active [...]

April 2019

LFC’s Top 10 Rankings: April 2019

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With a rigorous schedule, taking the LFC through the fall, the rankings will be updated more often to cover the flurry of wins and losses to come. A slight but fair nod to active fighters is inevitable. 1: {Roxy Michaels} The LFC champion is the epitome of precision [...]

June 2018

LFC’s Top 10 Rankings: June 2018

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1: {Roxy Michaels} Michaels shocked some and only confirmed what others already knew: she is deserving of the championship belt. At LFC 25, Michaels courageously wrestled the title from {Monica Garcia} in a battle that tested both their endurance and will to win. Her game plan was on full display earning a split-decision [...]

February 2018

The LFC’s Top 10 Rankings: April 2018

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1. {Monica Garcia} Monica literally exploded on to the scene with a performance as powerful as any that the LFC has witnessed. She deftly combined speed and strength in grabbing the vacant title in a match for the history books against {Shay Mazzato}. The champion has had only one fight in the league, but [...]