Exposed! S4

December 2018

LFC’s Reality TV Series ‘Exposed!’ S4E1

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Episode Guide The LFC takes the show abroad to Bratislava, the capital of Croatia. For one fighter, {Andreea Vladoi}, this trip to European soil is a homecoming for the former Olympian. The teams suffer a few losses due to passport issues and personal matters. Not surprisingly, most everyone has a grasp of what [...]

LFC’s Reality TV Series ‘Exposed!’ S4E2

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Episode Guide In this episode, a visit to the Olympic training center has {Andreea Vladoi} looking happier than we have ever seen her. The teams enjoy a state of the art facility that allows them to indulge in the restaurants and the spas housed there. Joel Kane, with a stern shove from {Roxy [...]

LFC’s Reality TV Series ‘Exposed!’ S4E3

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Episode Guide {Maxine Frost} is not happy about having to oversee the official weigh-in; as Prez of the league, she must step in for a no-show announcer. {Violeta Sunic} surprises everyone with her height who stands at 6'1". Her opponent, at least a foot shorter, is {Teri London}. The room is full of [...]

LFC’s Reality TV Series ‘Exposed!’ S4E4

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Episode Guide There is a good-sized crowd at Hant Arena for {LFC24}. The card begins with a visual mismatch between {Teri London} and {Violeta Sunic}. The native of Zagreb, Croatia is nearly a foot taller than Teri. Undaunted, Teri dances into the cage with her usual flair. Will Sunic make London's time in [...]

LFC’s Reality TV Series ‘Exposed!’ S4E5

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Episode Guide Controversial decisions are unavoidable and opinions trying to make sense of things cannot reverse the outcome. The {Jesse Santos} vs. {Roxy Michaels} match and result left some baffled and others in agreement. Pay attention to the instructions the fighters receive before the last round. Was that what made the difference? {Maxine [...]

LFC’s Reality TV Series ‘Exposed!’ S4E6

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Episode Guide The co-main event is between the evenly matched {MaiNe Morgan} and {Allie Parks}. Morgan, who feels passed over for a shot at the European title, just may take some aggression out on Allie; and that is just what she does. When Allie lapses into an inescapable triangle choke, Morgan seizes on [...]

LFC’s Reality TV Series ‘Exposed!’ S4E7

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Episode Guide {Jolene Hexx}, fearing she is behind with the judges, invests more energy into the fight and raises her game. Most of the third round belongs to her; yet, the last part of it turns Jolene into a survivalist. {Andreea Vladoi} applies a couple of fierce leg holds that made the closing [...]