Exposed! S3

December 2018

LFC’s Reality TV Series ‘Exposed!’ S3E1

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Episode Guide The first episode of season three begins with the sad news that the great {Feather Hadden} is retiring due to injuries aggravated and sustained against {Shay Mazzato}. This clears the way for a new champion. Some will miss Hadden, but others are happy to see her go. {Maxine Frost} creates tension [...]

LFC’s Reality TV Series ‘Exposed!’ S3E2

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Episode Guide As we begin the preliminaries for {LFC23}, in Kansas City, KS, this episode features most of the fighters on the card. What would a LFC event be without drama? It would not feel right if all went off without some tension or dissension. Here, we begin with {Jolene Hexx} taking issue [...]

LFC’s Reality TV Series ‘Exposed!’ S3E3

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Episode Guide This episode opens with official weigh-in for {LFC23}. Both teams are contentious and willing to take it to the next level. There is pushing, shoving, and a heated dislike of each other. {Cali Cat}, who is usually laid back, is combative with her opponent, {Julie Ginther}. The more experienced, {Jolene Hexx} [...]

LFC’s Reality TV Series ‘Exposed!’ S3E4

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Episode Guide With just a few things left to get in order, we arrive at {LFC23}. Joel pressures {Serina Kyle}, stating that her match with {Maxine Frost} is crucial to his survival in the league; Serina needs to win if Joel is to continue as coach of the Pink Team. Luckily, for Joel, [...]

LFC’s Reality TV Series ‘Exposed!’ S3E5

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Episode Guide {A.J. Kirsch} impresses with his ability to speak Spanish, conducting a funny Q&A with {Maxine Frost}. The Prez, who is fighting later on the card, is not amused by the cage announcer's behavior. She needs to win her match against {Serina Kyle} because it will result in Joel Kane's termination. The [...]

LFC’s Reality TV Series ‘Exposed!’ S3E6

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Episode Guide {Raya Ryans} is in shock when she sees the massive size that {Mona Jones} brings into the cage. Raya admitted that she was not training hard for the original, inexperienced opponent who backed out. Reality strikes when she feels the 45 pound weight advantage of the replacement; a tough match-up for [...]

LFC’s Reality TV Series ‘Exposed!’ S3E7

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Episode Guide The bet is simple and leaves little room for confusion. If {Maxine Frost} defeats {Serina Kyle} again, then Joel Kane is shown the door. If Maxine loses, then she must surrender step down as Prez of the league. One fighter, {Jolene Hexx}, admits that if she were Serina's place, she would [...]

LFC’s Reality TV Series ‘Exposed!’ S3E8

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Episode Guide The time for crowning a new champion has arrived in this, the final episode of the season. Will it be the fighter from Mexico and new Black Team member, {Monica Garcia}, or will it be {Shay Mazzato}, the woman who drove {Feather Hadden} into retirement? A 43 pound weight advantage for [...]