Beth 'Mount Crush' Moore - LFC

Beth 'Mount Crush' Moore

Height: 5'10"/178 cm
Weight: 150 lbs/68 kg
Birthplace: Detroit, MI USA
Coming to the LFC from the Motor City, this strong and powerful fighter uses wrestling as her base and does her best work on the ground, but she does not mind the stand-up action. Beth said, "I love this" in between rounds of a hard-fought loss. She is a quick thinker in the cage and is capable of both creating and escaping holds with ease.

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Beth 'Mount Crush' Moore MMA Record

LossSheila 'Crash' Cardinal
LFC 19: Hadden vs. Mei
Jul 11, 2015
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Split Decision33:00
LossHelen 'Ignite' Mei
LFC 17: Las Vegas

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