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The Lingerie Fighting Channel (Lingerie FC) is independently owned and operated and not associated with the Lingerie Fighting Championships (LFC) in any way.
Our license to carry LFC's content recently expired, visit their new site at for their latest content.

We're rebranding to the Lingerie Fighting Channel: The premier women’s combat sports site dedicated to the complete coverage of female fighters in mixed martial arts, pro wrestling, boxing & more.

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Congratulations to and for winning Lingerie Fight Club 6!

The month-long tournament started with 32, and now only 2 remains.
They will both receive $750.00 and contracts to fight live on PPV (Date & Location TBD).
You've earned it, ladies!

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Get your popcorn ready. The next virtual tournament is exactly 1 month away!

[ #lingeriefightclub 6 | AUG 1-31 | 32 Contestants | 4 Rounds | 2 Winners ]

If you, or if you know someone who'd be interested in joining our league please visit:

WED !!

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Jun 28
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10 sexiest ig


Lingerie Fight Club is looking to fill spots for a virtual tournament that will ultimately decide who is chosen to represent us live on PPV.
If you're interested, please check out our website at or leave your email and we will get back to you right away.
Any woman can become a fighter regardless of background, experience or physique.
The revenue split for your character is 80/20.
Thank you for your time.


This is your chance to fight for Lingerie Fight Club, travel all over the world and train with some of the best in the business. We’re searching far-and-wide to find extraordinary women with the following qualities:
Athleticism / Beauty / Strength / Dominance / Charisma / Personality

The opportunity to participate in events all over the world.
Multiple revenue streams (PPVs, tips, merchandise, royalties).
Paid photoshoots.

Please fill out the Application Form or Email us at
You just need the willingness to learn and a winning personality to be successful in our league. Good Luck!

dedicated to providing female athletes with a major platform to hone their skills on a consistent basis
female competitors and identifying and developing future superstars of the sport.
From MMA and boxing to arm wrestling and lingerie fighting, we da best.
If you support the site through VIP subscription, you will receive many more features on the fighter profile pages. The additional features are an opponent analysis section (for reach, height, age, stance etc), odds performance over time, analysis of relative opponent strength, clinch control analyser, decision analysis thanks to and an analysis of FightMetric fighter / fight stats.
Lingerie FC is a Canadian Sports Company owned by Trino Web Solutions. The network streams programming related to combat sports, including mixed martial arts, boxing, kickboxing, and professional wrestling.
Lingerie FC is a new, hard-hitting, action-packed 24hr combat sports channel available worldwide. From MMA and boxing to arm wrestling and sumo, Fightbox is a compilation of the finest combat sports from around the globe all on one channel.
No matter what your discipline, kickboxing, judo, wrestling, jiu-jitsu, karate and more, Fightbox has something for the fight fan in all of us.
Watch now and be a part of the widest variety of fights ever assembled under one roof. Fightbox - feel the emotion.
Lingerie FC is a new, hard-hitting, action-packed 24hr women's combat sports channel available worldwide.
Lingerie FC is a subscription-based video streaming service, launched in December 2013.
Lingerie FC is the premier digital platform for female combat sports and entertainment.
Lingerie FC is your home for female fight videos Watch Fights, events, and more on Lingerie FC
Lingerie FC streams a rich array of live pay-per-view events, subscription packages and thousands of hours of live, VOD and free programs to millions of fans around the world.
providing female fighters with a platform to hone their skills
Stream Exclusive VIP Member Only Videos in Full-Length & HD.
The world's largest fight library with 17,000 fights, every UFC fight ever, and over 1,000 hours of live combat sports, and Fight Pass continues to be a must-have streaming service for combat sports fans
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We exist to help fans discover and watch premium live events, and help rights-holders distribute and monetize them.
We stream various genres of combat sports content, including mixed martial arts, boxing, kickboxing, professional wrestling, lingerie fighting, traditional martial arts and more.
We work together with the world leading prospects and aim to build the superstars of tomorrow.
dedicated to the complete coverage of female fighters
anyone can become afighter - regrdaless sign up here.
All Live Pay-Per-Views, LFC's Reality Series, Past Events, Full Fights, Behind-The-Scenes Access, Exclusive Fans Only Content & More.
Stream Exclusive Member Only Videos Not Found Anywhere Else, In Full-Length & HD. Get Unlimited Access to the World’s Hottest MMA League.
/ month + $9.99 sign-up fee. Get Unlimited Access to the World’s Hottest MMA League. $9.99 /month + $9.99 sign-up fee. Join VIP [/if]

Can you describe your fighting style?
-When and why did you start training?
-What is your current training schedule like?
Who do you want to fight the most in the LFC?
What strengths do you bring to the league?
What will your entrance song be?
Favorite grappling technique:
Favorite striking technique:
Finishing move:

About Me:
-Can you describe yourself in one sentence?
What are your biggest pet peeves?
-What makes you laugh the most?
-What is your hidden talent?
-What other things are you involved in?
Do you have any heroes?
-What is the meaning of life to you?
Anything you want to say to your fans?
Where can fans find you on social media?

Favorite food?
Favorite band/music?
Favorite movie/tv show?
Favorite video game?
Favorite book?
Favorite fighter?
Favorite sport?
Favorite place to travel?
Favorite hobby?
Favorite quote?

Lingerie Fight Club


Thank you for your interest in Lingerie Fight Club.

In order to create your character we just need the following information:

1) Your character's first and last name. Nickname optional.
2) Fighting style.
3) City and country you would like to represent.
4) Height and weight you would like announced.
5) Date of birth.
6) Photos we can use in our promotional materials.
7) Social media links.
8) A short biography about your character.
9) Your email.

You can also fill out this form to expedite the process:

Anyone can become a fighter regardless of background, experience or physique.

The revenue split for your character is 80/20 in your favor.


Lingerie Fight Club 6
August 1-31, 2022

Lingerie Fight Club: Virtual Fights in the Metaverse

Lingerie Fight Club is a virtual bracket-style tournament for 32 of our top prospects.
The 2 winners will receive contracts to fight live on PPV.
Minimum $1 to vote. Good luck to all and may the best hottie win!

[ #lingeriefightclub 6 | 32 contestants | 4 rounds | 2 winners | August 1-31 | ]

Tournament Rules:

Round 1: Aug 1-16
Round 2: Aug 17-24
Round 3: Aug 25-28
Round 4: Aug 29-30
Finals : Aug 31

The 2 winners will receive:
Contracts to fight live on PPV
All-inclusive flight and hotel
Including training
No split - illegal
$1000 each

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