Agatha 'Cannibal' Carter - LFC

Agatha 'Cannibal' Carter

Height: 5'7"/170 cm
Weight: 127 lbs/58 kg
Birthplace: Las Vegas, NV USA
Agatha hails from Las Vegas and is a Jiu Jitsu specialist who takes pride in her long legs; she enjoys torturing men and women by constricting them between her powerful thighs. 'The Cannibal' grew up an army brat who learned to fight in Berlin, Germany where she often delved into the occult and claims that she is a pagan worshiper. The Fight Night war paint on her face might be just that, or it might be the blood of one of her victims!

Her ring entrance is eye-catching as Agatha slithers into the cage, stealthily hunting for prey. She seems miscast on the pink team, but that only makes for interesting match-ups in the future against some of the edgier fighters of the LFC.

Agatha 'Cannibal' Carter MMA Record

LossBella Ink
LFC 29: A Hot Midsummer Night's Dream
Jul 5, 2019
Stream OnlineSubmission2
WinBella Ink
LFC 28: Sindependence Day
Jul 4, 2019
Stream OnlineSubmission2
LossTasia 'Thrash' Lockran
LFC 25: Showdown At Sam's Town
May 18, 2018
Stream Online
Rear Naked Choke11:30

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