A.J. Kirsch
Height: 6'0"/183 cm
Weight: 190 lbs/86 kg
Birthplace: Berkeley, CA USA
Joining the LFC at event 21, Naughty 'n Nice, ring announcer A.J. Kirsch stepped into the spotlight naturally, as if the role had awaited his arrival. With a light-hearted approach to all of his interactions and duties, A.J. easily manages to organize the uncertainty of fight-night in the cage. He is a good sport and his smile is not only genuine, it is infectious. No fan will ever forget when he showed off his ability to speak and read Spanish well at LFC 23, Guilty Pleasures.
Greg Fredo
Greg Fredo is someone who is easily recognizable to fans of the LFC, even if they do not know his name. His expertise as a boxing/mixed martial arts trainer has influenced the careers of all the current LFC fighters. Greg is the trainer who tirelessly stands with his pads and absorbs the punches and kicks of the women as they prepare for an event; sometimes working with two fighters at once. Greg supplies unlimited amounts of inspiration and knowledge in helping to get the most out of the athletes.
Joel Kane
Height: 6'4"/193 cm
Joel Kane, the controversial coach of the Pink Team, never fails to draw attention to himself even among women accustomed to owning the spotlight. He is a scene stealer on the LFC show 'Exposed', where his quirky persona is front and center. Kane's coaching methods are often baffling and his inspirational talks usually only anger or confuse his team; however, beneath this enigmatic surface, there is a man who knows how to succeed. Joel uses tough love and raw insight to motivate his fighters to win. His enviable record as a coach is a reminder to those that doubt him.
John Morgan
Morgan was born in Dallas, Texas. He has been covering MMA professionally since 2007. In addition to his writing work, he's commentated MMA events online and for television.
Ken Hathaway
Ken Hathaway, a recent addition to the LFC commentary staff, is fluent in MMA. A fixture on the fight scene since 2011, he has worked for the Ultimate Fighting Championship and Invicta FC. Ken worked in college sports for a decade, most notably at Ohio State University. There is not much this die hard Ohio State fan loves more than his Buckeyes, except for watching great MMA action performed by athletes in lingerie.
Leon Hater
Head Coach
Leon Hater is more than just the coach of the Black Team. Sure, that is the only thing asked of him, but Leon is like a family member; one that will motivate you, argue with you, and one that will be the first to share in your joy of personal and professional victories. His well-spoken demeanor makes it easy to see how knowledgeable of a coach/trainer he really is. Leon's presence on 'Exposed' make it a must-watch show, and his exchanges with the fighters are priceless. No one will ever underestimate Leon Hater, but that does not mean he is incapable of surprising fan and viewer alike.
Mike Larkin
Mike Larkin is the host of the official LFC podcast, Beauty Strength And Dominance which exemplifies the LFC podcast as well as Mike's overall mindset of women. Mike is the co-host of The Steve And Mike Show, one-third of The Max Wrestling Podcast, and does various shows on pop culture, wrestling, and much more. His passion shows through his work and through his love of the LFC.
Roni Taylor
Roni Taylor, former president of the LFC, left a trailblazing mark on the league. Her brash persona was unapologetic in demanding the best from the fighters. Not surprisingly, Roni's vision for the LFC is still relevant today, as the league goes forward: she wanted someone who looks like a ring girl and can fight. The one time president understood the appeal of such a concept, and she did her best to fashion a winning product. Thank you, Roni.

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