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Ausra Sadauskaite
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I was born in 08/25/1986 in Lithuania, Europe. I came to US when I was 17 years of age. I lived in Los Angeles California from 2003-2007. Currently I live in Tulsa, Oklahoma. I have an accent. It's not extremely strong but you can defiantly notice it. A lot of people think I'm from Russia because that's what my accent sounds like. I speak fluent English and Lithuanian. I have a very strong personality in everything I believe. Im self motivated individual. I always set goals in life and dedicate myself to reach those goals. I love dancing bachata and I could dance to any music from country to techno. One of my favorite activities that I love to do on my free time is martial arts and jujitsu. I enjoy traveling and wish I could travel more. I have an outgoing and fun personality. I'm sweat and respectful. I'm very easy to work with. I was in banking industry for almost 8 years. Currently I'm trying to get into entertainment industry as a model for simple prints, commercials, tv and reality shows and extras in the movies. I don't have experience, but my goal is to start somewhere and grow in the entertainment industry. Thank you.
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